About Enertion Pty Ltd

Background :

  Enertion is a collection of four businesses in Financial Markets services, which exist under 1 banner.

      The businesses are :

  • Enertion Consulting : Pty Ltd (Consulting)
  • Enertion Recruitment Solutions (Recruitment)
  • Enertion Technology (Tech)
  • Enertion Transition Solutions (ETS)

1. Enertion Consulting :

This is the placement of consultants to fill short term requirements by businesses.

Enertion uses a pool of staff skilled in the Asset Management (a.k.a. Investment Managers or Fund Managers) and Asset Custody areas to work on key projects when there is a requirement.

Enertion received a percentage of the daily charge out rate for the consultants on contract.

These consultants are hand recruited by the directors of Enertion.


2. Enertion Recruitment Solutions :

The Recruitment arm of Enertion maintains a strong list of employees who are skilled in financial markets, primarily in the Technology, Accounting, Operations, Customer Service and Relationship Management areas. Enertion will receive a fee from the employer when placing these staff.

The jobs available will be posted on the Internet Web site and people can express interest in jobs that they are interested in applying for.


3. Enertion Technology :

The Technology arm of Enertion has been setup to build a large data reformatting tool, which is to be sold to Investment Managers as a method of sending instructions to Custodians.

It is believed this will be a significant benefit to Investment Managers globally that will allow communication with multiple Custodians via a single interface.

The Technology arm will also offer Website design and delivery, utilizing the resources and knowledge of the staff who are working on the larger project.

This will facilitate some revenue while the larger product (which will initially be a resource drain) is being developed.


4. Enertion Transition Solutions :

A large transfer of Assets due to restructuring can be a significant resource drain on any company.

ETS (Enertion Trasition Solutions) has a pool of experienced and significantly skilled staff that can be deployed to fill requirements during this resource crunch.

This will involve significant strategic planning and resource allocation.

It is believed that due to the specific skills required for this type of role (of which Enertion has over 30 years combined experience) we are the only company offering this specialized service.



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